I’m Just Curious…

Have you ever looked back to an old post you blogged about and think, “Wow, I wrote that?!”

When you read it, it’s almost as if you don’t remember where that awesomeness came from.

If you have, what was it about? And did it seem like someone else had written it?

I’m just curious…

10 thoughts on “I’m Just Curious…

  • Yes,
    Most of the things i write I sometimes wonder where it comes from. When I write about my friend or to my friend it happens a lot. It’s as if someone or something has told me what to write. Perhaps it’s the emotions I am feeling when I am writing to her but I am just not that eloquent in my daily life. Not that my writings are eloquent but the way I put my thoughts together surprises me. I’m just a farm boy from the country with a 12th grade education and they didn’t teach anymore than spelling and grammar when I was in school. I will look back at some of my old posts and pick a few out to send to you. I take them down after they have been up for awhile. But I usually keep them. Unless I didn’t like what I had to say then they’re gonzo!

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  • Every day is a different thought pattern. I’ve been blogging for just short of one year. Every blog is a state of how you feel at that moment in time. But things change, how you think changes, the people you follow on WordPress and what they write give you new ideas, new approaches to writing. I guess it depends on your motivation Jen. Mine is to improve my writing by trying different writing styles and being inspired by the people I follow. You were one of the first people I followed a year ago and you motivated me to continue blogging. Thanks Jen.

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  • From the posts of yours that I have read. It feels like you must write that way most of the time. I hope you keep writing that way. Your Love of Life and Happiness about how you live each day to get the most from it. Very much comes through.

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