Being Chill Without A Reason

Our subconscious mind is gnarly….and runs about 90% of our life.

The way you consciously perceive life through your senses is really based on all the fun stuff going on in the subconscious. And what goes on in your subconscious is really derived from how the neurons in your brain are wired. So ask yourself,  “How are they wired?”

If the neurons in your brain are mostly wired and firing towards love based emotions, you’ll be chill and relaxed without a reason. Basically you’ll feel unfuckwithable.  If they’re not, you’ll probably experience more fear based emotions, such as despair and anxiety, without a reason. Basically you’ll feel like shit.

I’ve spent the last couple of months rewiring my brain through consistent meditation and I’m pretty stoked on how far I’ve come and what I was able to conclude over the last crazy 2 years of my life!

Most, if not all, of 2017 and 2018 was spent in fear. Yep, I was living life on a hamster wheel and I can see why I was struggling a lot. I did have some random bubbles of awesome moments but my subconscious was mostly wired towards fear and that’s what I manifested most of the time. There were so many opportunities for me but I just couldn’t see them until now. I can laugh about it now because it’s in the past and I learned a lot! But would I want to repeat another 2 years? Hell to the no!

Because I started meditating consistently, my memory started to lift out of the fog along with my sense of contentment. I was no longer having the dark night of the soul episodes because I was able to train my brain into walking around that dark pit instead of falling in anytime that shitty existential crisis feeling would creep up. And because I was able to walk around it instead of falling in, things that I used to enjoy and appreciate all started to come back to me in full force. I was actually feeling chill without a reason instead of feeling despair without a reason. I actually rewired my brain! Heyo!

I don’t disregard the existential crisis/dark night of the soul phase. I feel it really did happen to me. It took about 2 years to come out of it fully because when I think about it, I really felt brainwashed in a way by fears embedded in my own subconscious mind and I didn’t know how to really come out of it because I had no idea I was living in a state of fear and I absolutely had no control over my own mind. I really was out of touch with reality, but damn I got to travel a shit ton and I can now appreciate that more than ever!

So if you are feeling a strong sense of fear based emotion without a reason, that’s a sign there is something that needs to be addressed in the subconscious with consistent meditation. If you are feeling chill without a reason, that’s a sign your subconscious is zen AF! And that’s where you want to be! Cheers!


5 thoughts on “Being Chill Without A Reason

  • There are phases you seem like to be so in tune with mine it’s creepy 😮
    I also did take a break from blogging and now get back to writing down how those chills arise in our lifes despite us thinking that we would be in control.
    It’s quite difficult to analyse the entanglements of the mind, so I use my own life (the only one I fully know) to go through all my milestones step by step in a longterm autobiography.

    I really wish you all the best on this literally a-mazing path out of the maze of our soul !
    A lot more very emotional surprises in all kinds of directions will wait for you on that path.


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