Law of Attraction: How it Really Works

A few years ago I learned about the law of attraction. I watched The Secret and all sorts of YouTube videos describing how it worked. I also read some articles and blog posts about it. Funny thing is, none of it resonated with me because I later realized most of what I came across was over hyped and sugar coated.

Naturally, people want to hear, read and see what they want. I’ve always been the type that wants the truth, even if it hurts. I’m also the person that likes to tell it how it is, even if it comes off harsh. I’ve always felt that honesty is the best policy.

So right off the bat, law of attraction works but is kind of a catch 22. Anyone who is interested in knowing how it works creates the vibration of lack instantly. This isn’t to say you are doomed to manifest anything in the material world but anytime you want something, you obviously lack it.

Affirmations are good ways to get into a good mood about something. However, they only scratch the surface and only manifest if you are a vibrational match. I think of most affirmations like a phone charger that isn’t connected to a working outlet. Some are too far fetched and won’t convince the subconscious.

You can keep telling yourself you’re going to be a millionaire over and over again until you’re 100 years old but if you can’t convince your subconscious that whatever you want is obtainable and if your core vibration is in the state of lack, it will never be “connected to a working outlet” to manifest.

In my opinion, focusing on trying to manifest anything material, whether it’s a car, house or a new boyfriend/girlfriend directly is the incorrect way to use law of attraction. The ultimate focus should always be on attracting the emotions of joy, happiness and peace directly.  To me, this is what makes the charger work. Your emotions in the subconscious have to be the bigger player in the game than anything material.

This has worked for me several times in ways that I didn’t realize until after it happened.

For instance, when I first landed my job in Santa Cruz earlier this year, I was instantly excited about it on the surface. However, subconsciously, I was more nervous and depressed about finding a place to live that wasn’t going to be expensive and trashy. My core vibration (subconscious) started out pretty low and depressing, therefore, I couldn’t find anything.

I ended up alternating between staying at an Airbnb, hotel and sleeping in my jeep until I could find something. I wasn’t too focused on how much money I was making but thought it would be nice to make more money. Because I wasn’t focused on trying to make a lot of money and was subconsciously accepting of that, I ended up making a lot of money within 2 weeks.

Once I started to make a lot of money, I became grateful and felt accepting towards any place. Well, I ended up finding a much nicer place than what I was looking for and got it for a great price. These two things came to me the moment I refocused my emotions towards acceptance and gratitude instead of lack and depression.

After months of experiencing joy, I started to have experiences that lead me to lose that inner sense of joy (which I previously blogged about) and return to feeling depressed in which I ended up losing what I had initially gained. I didn’t realize why it all happened until I came to Sedona and meditated on it.

If I had been able to keep my inner emotion of joy during my uncomfortable experiences by meditating EVERY.DAMN.DAY (which I didn’t), I would still be in Santa Cruz. However, I’m glad everything ended because my self worth was constantly being lit on fire. No thanks. The job got me back on my feet and the place was just an overly nice place to stay temporarily.

Another example, but somewhat shorter, is that I had been feeling lonely for quite some time in the last year. I remember thinking about maybe getting in touch with an ex boyfriend or two, however, I never made the attempts to get in contact with any of them. I kept thinking that I wanted a boyfriend but didn’t want to deal with anyone new and should “rekindle” with someone from the past. It was on my mind a lot but I was also busy with work at the time.

Well, when my job and living situation in Santa Cruz started to collapse, I completely stopped thinking about ex boyfriends and romantic relationships all together. I actually had zero interest in it because I became more focused on trying to get my shit together and plan my move near the university I attend online, which is Arizona State University (ASU).

Not even a week after I leave Santa Cruz and head to Arizona, I start to feel joyful again about my move and end up receiving text messages from 5 of my ex boyfriends. I kid you not, the timing of all 5 scared me. 2 of them were boyfriends from high school that I hadn’t heard from in almost a decade. 1 was an ex from over a decade ago that will reach out once or twice a year to say what’s up, and the last 2 were the exes that I was thinking about rekindling with but didn’t reach out to because I didn’t think they wanted anything to do with me anymore. Well it turns out they both still had romantic feelings for me.

Crazy, right? 5 exes contact me within a week of each other, live in 5 different states now and only 2 of them know of each other. Also the 2 I was actually interested in rekindling with were the 2 who still had feelings for me. What are the chances? I’m pretty sure it was the law of attraction at work because the moment that I started to feel the emotion of joy again and forgetting what I had really wanted months ago, it came in.

However, even though it was really nice to hear from all of them and we’ll continue to keep in touch now, I decided to keep the past in the past, to stay solo and focus primarily on my new path in life…which means using the law of attraction to manifest consistent inner joy from consistent daily meditation. 🙂


Photo: Taken at the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park in Sedona, Arizona earlier today during my mid afternoon wanderings.



16 thoughts on “Law of Attraction: How it Really Works

  • Yes, I am finding this to be so true as well. Funny how we’re stumbling on this at the same time. It’s the emotions we have to embody. I’ve been reading a lot of Gabby Bernstein’s work and she says a similar thing. Work on being happy. Always find your happiness and watch the miracles happen in your life.

    Another interesting thing I’ve noticed and you sort of mentioned it here. The ‘set and forget’ rule. Make the intention, but then ‘forget it’. Don’t keep checking your phones, or bank account, or bills, whatever… don’t keeping looking at what you want, focus on something else. I found Master Sri Akashana (formerly known as Eric Ho) who has mentioned this important step and it made a lot of sense. You mentioned that when you stop focusing on something (like the ex-boyfriends) and it flows right into your reality. I’ve noticed that in my life a lot lately. I’ll think of something in the morning, and within a hour or so… that thing arrives if I have focused on something else. It doesn’t matter what it is, it shows up. Provided that I ‘Set it and forget it’. Mixed with what you (and Gabby B) are saying to focus on the emotion (being happy and grateful for life) rather than the outcome you’re after and you will have success in manifesting the life you want.

    Much Love darling. Hope you find your dreams (or they find you, heehee)

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    • The set and forget really works, especially when I truly don’t care if it ever happens or shows up. Also, I feel there’s a misconception of vision boards. Many people are tricked into thinking that if they design a board with all they desire in life, it’ll come true if they just keep focusing on them directly. What really happens is that when these things don’t show up right away, their emotions go from lack to hopelessness. To me, vision boards without the right emotions are like Christmas trees without the lights.


  • You totally hit the nail on the head with this one!

    The majority of information out there about the law of attraction is wayyyy over hyped. My first impression of it was that all I had to do was say affirmations and believe and everything I wanted would rain down on me. Silly!

    Cheers and great post!

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  • This was a great post!
    I found it so funny how someone put it into words: When “the secret” came out, there were tons of podcasts out there on “how to make the secret work for you”, and after a while the shows theme was “why TLOA is not working for you”….

    About a week ago I had an insight I would like to share with you:
    When I was down in a very deep meditative state, archetypal images conjured up – total random stuff and maybe those images are already a result of tloa but regardless I found it interesting how this developed.
    It was an image of a baby’s face, and then I observed that it was ageing rapidly and I could observe that the reason for that was my deep rooted belief that everything will age, so I actually did make the toddler age due to my own belief. I think this is where the law of attraction grasps hold of our reality, and maybe this is how miracles or magic work:

    Maybe Jesus (when looking at him as a normal person) simply overwrote those common beliefs and therewith could do his incredible stuff. Look up a guy called Trilanga Swami, his whole life is a miracle – to many things to mention here.

    This was more about the mechanics of it, and I think we can’t really force miracles to happen, because in order to influence deep rooted beliefs we first have to decondition ourselves totally – especially from the dogmas of society which usually are catering for the most narrow-minded consensus.

    This also could explain the massive success of the wealthiest people – multiple core beliefs were tuned into making them rich – whether this is good for their soul in the long run is another question, and if it wasn’t their core-beliefs will shift them in next life right into the opposite extremes.

    So I think – as long as you are totally in tune with yourself your method of following what makes you happy is working, because you follow your inner will of intuition, but as soon as you are seduced by some kind of outer will, then this might not work anymore.

    I think what we agree upon is that tloa does work already, unfortunately only also in the negative way often, so I work on calming my monkey-mind and cleaning my subconscious garbage, to at least not invite crap, but I don’t do it in order to have success or be excited, because clinging onto those two would be a yet another conditioning.

    Who knows, maybe your soul did not choose excitement and success?
    Check out Caroline Myss’s “Sacred Contracts”, she explains that very intelligently.
    Her book is my Christmas gift for you which you have to buy yourself – hahaha.

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    • Haha I agree with everything you mentioned! I too conjure up random images when I’m in a deep meditative state.
      I believe that Jesus was just a regular humble man who knew Law of Attraction way before anyone else but because no one else understood, they just made him out to be a miracle man like Buddha.
      Don’t get me wrong, both were very compassionate men, but to think of them as some supernatural being is just silly to me. Especially my understanding of how energy works, according to physics.

      LOA has always and will always work. Everything is energy and our pineal gland is the antenna that attracts. It really is crazy how simple the science is but because our brain is such a complex organ, it is super difficult to understand the simplicity of LOA, unless you meditate.
      Sacred Contracts huh…I shall check that out.

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      • Yay, Jen – i also totally agree with you on Jesus and Buddha and this is actually why I am doing my current Yoga-Meditation-project. I seriously and strongly believe that the divine is in each of us and that each and everyone of us can elevate to highest levels by applying the right methods.

        The only reason why most don’t do it is because they still are too entangled in worldly life.
        I actually would also have walked the worldly path, if it would have not been of blows of fate
        – and those might very well have been ways of my soul to kick me onto the path it longed to walk on –
        by the means of the LOA.

        It’s good that you have this blog as some kind of diary of your spiritual aspirations,
        for you to you get back to, in case worldly temptations should drag you away from it again.

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        • I’m glad that I decided not to allow my subscription to end with this blog.

          For a moment, I actually thought about deleting all that I wrote but there was something telling me not to quit and to start blogging again. 🙂

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      • Hey Jen, I have to reply to your previous comment, because replies are only enabled for 3 levels by default – you can change that to 10 levels which makes more sense.

        I went through exactly the same as you – nearly also deleted my entire blog,
        but I recommend to you:
        Just back it up as an XML – its’s only a few mbs large and in case you ever get a crisis or the server crashes you have it on a backup disk.
        It’s not so much about valuable work, but as a diary for later.

        Apart from that – many people can relate to you, plus you are really likeable so even if you only post only once a year you probably still will have 7x as many visitors as me.

        And also:
        I think for you literally everything is open – you got your foot in the door of spirituality and still are very in tune with the world out there, so it could go both ways for you – it’s just a matter of choice what your priority is. I guess all is good as long as you make a conscious choice and don’t leave it up to fate.

        peace and love
        laugh and peas

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        • I seem like a likeable person because my writing skills are much different from my verbal skills. I write in a way for people to relate easily just because the evolution of people’s attention span nowadays. Your writing is very intellectually detailed and sophisticated, which is awesome but very few people will understand because of their short attention span.

          I feel many people misunderstand me in person just because I don’t say much and I don’t try to impress anyone anymore. I give off a “standoffish” and “boring” vibe to most people, but the ones that do stick around me are the ones I want to be around. They are the ones that don’t judge me, are usually curious about me and are the ones that get to see the funny side of me.

          I’ve become very low key around most people because I can sense energy more than ever. I can tell when people are not good to be around. Not their fault because I know most are oblivious to their own inauthenticity.

          In fact, when I think about myself 7 years ago, Jen now would have stayed away from Jen 7 years ago just because Jen 7 years ago was oblivious to her own superficial shallowness. I can sense that energy now.

          Anyways, I’m definitely more in tune with myself and I’ve learned that in order for me to keep a state of equanimity during this lifetime, now that I have gone through the awakening process, daily meditation is a priority.

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      • Well, I find you likeable for your innocent open-heartedness which shines through. Also, the essence of Sagittarius energy is honest, fair-minded, inspiring, optimistic, enthusiastic, encouraging, and dedicated.

        As I am writing this comment yours on my blog just came in, so I will continue there to tell you my thoughts.

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