Material Abundance Vs. Emotional Abundance

Which would you rather have?

Material abundance – Lots of money, a nice house, a nice car, expensive jewelry, vacations all over the world, expensive food, your own helicopter, romantic person of interest, etc.

Emotional abundance – Joy, gratitude, happiness, patience, acceptance, forgiveness, etc.

A year ago, I would’ve said material abundance because who would say no to having their own helicopter? Helicopters are just so damn cool! I would’ve said material abundance also because I was so sure of myself that it would make me happy because I knew where all my money would go and when you have a lot of money, you don’t have time to get bored and depressed.


Today,  my answer is definitely emotional abundance and I’m sticking with that.


Because I know what it’s like to experience each without the other…sort of. You can feel materially abundant but not feel emotionally abundant. However, once you feel emotionally abundant, you also feel materially abundant regardless of what you have or don’t have.

I’ve experience material abundance many times, especially in the last couple of years. Even though I was able to see the material abundance, I could not feel the emotional abundance. My emotional mindset stood in the face of anxiety and deep, dark depression and I didn’t even realize it. Ask any super rich but depressed celebrity everyone seems to idolize. They will tell you material things don’t mean shit when your emotions are shit.

I’ve experienced emotional abundance many times in my past and now recently. I had been on and off from daily meditation and that was my mistake.  Once I realized how imperative meditation is for the mind, I decided to meditate for hours upon hours. I was able to convince myself that if I wanted to get my emotional head on straight again and keep it there, I will really need to force myself to meditate 1-3 hours a day. And be super diligent about it, even when I end up getting busy in life. Emotional abundance that derives from meditation is now a daily requirement in my life, not an option. What meditation to me is like insulin to a diabetic.

So now that I’m able to start experiencing emotional abundance again, it doesn’t matter what kind of material abundance I have or receive, everything just becomes colorfully grandiose.

Which would you rather have if you had to chose, emotional abundance or material abundance and why?


Photo: Wavecrest Beach near the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Half Moon Bay, California.

5 thoughts on “Material Abundance Vs. Emotional Abundance

    • You make a great point and in most situations I do as well. But because the default mode network in our brain is set in the negative, an abundance of positive emotions will balance our mood towards feeling at peace.

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  • You make a great point the key isn’t to change how you felt in the moment what ever trauma happened to cause the depression but to change the way you holds us back from feeling it TODAY…ITS FREEING to let go of it and move past it

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  • My 17 year old daughter is smart, naturally beautiful, grounded, down to earth, unique, and deep, yet she struggles with wanting to have a lot of friends and hang out with who she perceives to be the cool kids-even though she is quite different and original. She did for a while. But, recently, it hasn’t worked out so well. She went back and forth between the cool kids and her other friends who were really more like her – good, real, caring people. Yet, I think because of her inexperience in life, she still goes back and forth in her head as to what she wants and who she is, despite the fact that inside I she already knows who she is…wanting all the stuff that everyone else has, yet knowing deep down it provides no real satisfaction and that she yearns for something more meaningful. It’s a learning process for her that will take time, like all meaningful things in life. It just takes some time to realize it all. I was the same way when I was her age. I’ve also come to realize that my path in life is one of struggle and difficulty (at least partly on a mental/spiritual level), and that perhaps my purpose is not to have an easy life in many respects, and that I need to figure things out on my own, go through turmoils and challenges, work through things over extended periods of time, have a sense of isolation at times, feel the pain and darkness…because that is what will turn me into the human I am supposed to be before I leave this place. It’s all about learning the lessons in my opinion, no matter how hard and how long it takes. And, I am ok with that now. This is life, no guarantees about anything – it’s supposed to be hard. For those that don’t find it so, maybe they are the ones who have to come around this place again and again until they figure it out, whereas you and I are already there and following the path…

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    • I’m definitely with you on this and also have felt that I am destined to deal with difficulties and challenges during this lifetime. Sometimes it is very difficult to accept and other times I’m reminded that the ones who struggle the most are the ones who are the strongest. Also, we are the ones who are chosen to make a huge impact on others with our stories of resilience. Once we realize that, we can either thrive or survive. Our choice.

      I meditate a lot now not because I’m stoked about it but because it’s the only way I can accept the difficulties in life, even my own dark thoughts without resorting to any antidepressants.

      As for your daughter, she already subconsciously understands who she is and what is truly important, but consciously hasn’t aligned with that just yet. She’ll for sure learn as time goes by.


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