A Couple of New Books I Bought

What candy is to children is what books are to me.

I absolutely love books! I love them so much that they are probably the only purchase I can make where I don’t experience buyer’s remorse.

There have been books I bought where I would just read a few random chapters and put the book away. However, I’m always excited to have them around just incase I need to seek them out for reference. I’ve done that a lot and to me, it’s just so much more fun doing that then googling information. Books are just material items I’ve always treasured because they contain magic inside, plus they smell good. This is also why I love bookstores and libraries so much.

Anyways, I spent the last few days reading and watching stuff on the stock market and the possible recession coming soon. As I was watching some videos, I came across a billionaire investor and philanthropist name Ray Dalio. I couldn’t help but notice the way he presented himself. He was just so chill, humble and articulate compared to other investor gurus. I was so impressed by him that I started researching him like crazy. I read that the number one contribution towards his success as a billionaire was his practice of transcendental meditation. I thought, “Hell yeah! No wonder this guy is so chill, humble and articulate. This guy just keeps getting more awesome!”

As I read more about him, I saw that he had published the book, Principles: life and Work, a couple of years ago about bouncing back from failure and how to strive for success based on principles derived by individual values and goals.

Even though it’s pretty easy to understand principles based on our own values and goals and the fact that others have written about similar views, what makes the information in this book way more valuable is that it’s coming from the mindset of a humble billionaire!

Although becoming a billionaire or even a millionaire isn’t very high on my priority list in life, the billionaire mindset is a very, VERY high vibration of energy, especially if you’re humble, and a philanthropist.

I also saw in an interview that Ray mentioned a book called A Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell. Just the title alone was intriguing. This book also contributed towards his success because it explores mythological journeys of failure and success that are very comparable to our own human journey.

Even if we feel that we should read practical books on success, you just can’t go wrong with some good old storytelling! Somehow, as I was looking for this book at the bookstore, I was reminded of a favorite childhood movie of mine, The Neverending Story, so I felt this book would be the perfect book to read before bedtime.

Even though I wanted to buy them on Amazon, because they’re cheaper, I couldn’t resist. I also don’t know where I’d mail them to anyways since I’m traveling. So I just decided to buy them at Barnes and Noble. So far I’ve read several pages of each book and they are not boring, that’s for sure!




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