Hey Palm Springs…It’s Been 10 Years!!!

10 years ago, I lived in Palm Springs, California. I moved to Palm Springs in 2008 and moved out in 2010. Since then, I have only returned to visit maybe 3 times, at the most, in the span of a decade.

Today, I came back, which is the third time. It was a last minute decision that I didn’t think would have much of an impact, but boy was I wrong! I came at the perfect time! It’s crazy how much emotion you can still have over places you haven’t been to in years!The moment I rolled up into the Coachella Valley (where the now popular Coachella Festival takes place) all these overwhelming emotions and memories started to surface. I started to tear up because when I lived here, I was thriving and very, VERY happy.

I attended college full time at Copper Mountain College in Joshua Tree, which is an hour commute one way, and worked 2 jobs. Of my two jobs, one was a brunch bartender on the weekends and the other as an evening server all week long. I was bartending at a nudist resort (which I blogged about here) and I was a server at a bistro called Matchbox, which is now called Brickworks. If you are ever in downtown Palm Springs and looking for a place to grab awesome brick oven pizza, check out Brickworks.

When I lived in Palm Springs I kept busy and hustled my ass off! I also had a boyfriend who was actually one of the boyfriends I mentioned in my blog about law of attraction, which you can read about here. I remember being so distraught after we split and wanting to work on the relationship but he didn’t. Funny because 10 years later he wants to reconcile but I don’t.

Anyways, there’s so many great things I can say about my experience living in Palm Springs, from riding my street bike with friends up curvy roads to just lounging away in the desert sun by the pool with a good book. But the nicest part is the weather. It’s super hot during the summer but the perfect place to work on your tan!

Below I have provided a few pictures that were taken from where I used to live in Palm Springs exactly 10 years ago, which is why I said it was the perfect time to come back. They look a bit pixelated but they all came from my old blackberry phone. Ahhhh. memories!!!


Photo: The view of Mt. Jacinto from the front porch of where I used to live.


Photo: Decorated my then boyfriend’s 10 year old bonsai tree and his other younger bonsais for the holidays.

2 thoughts on “Hey Palm Springs…It’s Been 10 Years!!!

  • Isn’t it a mystery that when being young time is intense and as we get older it seems to fly by or run through our fingers.
    A 70 ear old guy recently told me that the last 10 years just went by in an instant like snapping your fingers and he expects the next decade to also have passed by in the same pace.
    I still can’t explain why this is – maybe you or somebody can enlighten me.

    And on another note:

    You drive me crazy: Since a year I keep subscribing and unsubscribing to your blog, because first I feel really in tune with you, so I subscribe and read a few of your posts at once working out what kind of a person you are, and after a while I feel like going into contemplative solitude again and unsubscribe.
    And then it only takes a like from you for one of my posts, and I start to subscribe again – hahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha I probably drove you and a bunch of other people crazy with how inconsistent my blogs were. I went through a lot of subtle changes over the last decade but the last couple of years impacted me the most.
      I was very out of my element many times since starting this blog and I’ve come to realize that’s just what happens during the awakening process and I’ve learned to be ok with that.

      The last 10 years were definitely the most expansive for me and where I experienced the most adversity, even living in a first world country. However, I’m happy with where the adversity has taken me today and where it will continue to take me. 🙂


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