Meditation: Why It Should Be Taught and Practiced in Schools

Right off the bat, meditation in schools should not be regarded as a religious practice or pseudoscience. Rather, it should be treated like a physical education class. This is because the practice of meditation is actually a physical exercise of the brain. There are numerous studies and brain scans to prove it.

If there was any class that I could take in school, especially elementary, it would be a class on meditation. Hands down.

Recess, art class, and social studies were very enjoyable for me. However, I feel that I did struggle a lot in school growing up because I felt different from everyone. My talents were different. I was more creative than logical, I was bullied several times and being left handed made me feel like I was a “reject”. If I had learned to meditate at a young age, none of these things would have phased me. In fact, my life to this day would have been vastly different.

This doesn’t mean that I regret anything and feel my life would have gone without any challenges. I just feel that I would’ve understood and responded better to the adversities I’ve faced. It would’ve also prevented many unnecessary types of suffering.

The way I see it, the world we live in is pretty fucking dark because there are many people who are not self aware. And since they aren’t self aware, they can’t understand the world around them as well.

If meditation was taught in schools, people would grow up self aware.

When you are self aware, you not only understand yourself, but understand the human species an everything else in existence. Therefore, you become more compassionate and understanding towards other humans and pretty much everything you encounter. Your natural talents become very obvious without any noise of self doubt, your ego stays in a state of equanimity, you understand what is good and what is harmful, you ignore toxic impulses, your core beliefs are kindness and joy, and suffering becomes a rare encounter.

If more humans learned how to meditate in schools, fighting over resources would not exist. There would be a lot of people who could use their creativity to invent more. I mean look at all the useless material shit we have in this world now. Nowadays, there’s more inventions focused on entertainment than survival.

We wouldn’t have an issue with overpopulation because people would have self control and know better when to procreate. No one would be self conscious, jealous and judgmental because people are more understanding. There would be no serial killers and politics wouldn’t be what they are today.

I could list so many other reasons why, but you get what I’m trying to say.

If more humans learned how to meditate at an early age, it would be clear that humans fighting with each other isn’t the real fight. There would be an understanding that life could never be “peace on Earth” because there are other things that threaten our survival, such as natural disasters.

As humans, we’re made to thrive by learning to understand ourselves and the world we live in; not get sucked into the illusions of our own ignorance.

If meditation was taught in schools, humans would evolve quicker. They would adapt to the modern day environment of technology. But because meditation isn’t widely available in most schools, the human evolutionary process has now began to turn around. This is due to the overwhelming prevalence of mental illnesses from being unaware of the illusions and addictions that modern technology creates.

It’s not social media’s fault nor is it the fault of any other kind of technology that brings in instant gratification. Technology is not a part of the human race, therefore, they have no feelings. And because they have no feelings, they can’t be malicious in any way. It’s the fault of the unaware human.

Because conscious awareness is rare among the world, especially in the western parts, humans are now more sick than ever, physically and mentally. The aging process is happening a lot faster than it should. Unnatural body enhancements are becoming the norm. Suicide rates are jumping. Everyone is more disconnected than ever, which causes a struggle between being a tribal person not wanting to be around people and compassion is becoming extinct.

Right now, we are accumulating a lot of unnecessary trash for the next few generations, in which they’ll have to clean up. If we want humanity to evolve properly, we need to help get the human evolution ball rolling again. This means to start teaching the young how to meditate. That’s it. From that point, they can take over and will know what to do.


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