I’m Jen, a left-handed double Sagittarius (sun/rising) who embraces optimism, mind expansion, philosophy and of course, keeping things simple.

In general, I love to write, read, travel, explore, inspire, meet new people, take risks, lift heavy things, make people laugh, laugh at myself, be weird, look at memes and have deep conversations about life over a few glasses of red wine.

I’m not a fan of routine, boredom, people telling me what to do and inauthenticity. I consider my life to be mostly private and I enjoy my independence. However, I do share many of the experiences and lessons I’ve gained in order to help others. Some of them may be too blunt but I don’t like to beat around the bush.

If you want to know more about me and what values and lessons I have to offer, just read my blogs. Cheers!

My Top 8 Favorite Blogs:
Keeping Things Simple
Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast
My Perfect, Quintessential Man
A Few Thoughts on Solo Traveling
Stoicism is Needed in Modern Society
What I Learned From Living In My Jeep
What Captivates Me and What Doesn’t Pt.1
Why You Shouldn’t Feel Intimidated At the Gym


Photo: My 50th skydive. Head down exit, which is not easy but it was super fun!


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