When I started my blog in November 2017, I had no idea what affiliate marketing was. I only learned about it last month, December 2017, and thought it was great as long as I was being authentic about it. I thought, heck, why not give it a shot to possibly help monetize my blog, so I can follow my passion in writing and do this full time!

So here are the affiliate companies I currently use:

Amazon –  I get paid by commission only if you click on this link and make a purchase.

I shop here and try to contribute in any way towards the workers at the fulfillment center because I worked there for a month, wishing I had overtime. But it’s a tough job and the pay was not as good as packing parachutes so I left. But I’m glad to have had the experience.

SwagbucksI get paid 10% of whatever you earn once you click on this link, sign up and start earning Swagbucks. It doesn’t mean I get 10% of your earnings, I just get 10% of what you earn.

All you have to do is shop, answer surveys, watch videos, check out websites and all sorts of other fun stuff. It’s really up to you and it’s really easy and a good way to spend some of your downtime. After I do my daily tarot readings in the morning, I log on and start earning. I actually just used a Domino’s pizza gift card that I got from this website today and put some cash into my PayPal.

QapitalI get paid $5 and you get $5 when you click this link and sign up and deposit some moolah.

I have my bank transfer my change over to my Qapital account when I use my debit card. I have it set to the nearest dollar but you can change it whatever you want. So if I make a purchase of $45.50 with my debit card $.50 goes towards my Qapital account. There are other options to save as well. It’s a neat and fun app.

So far that’s all I have right now. There are other affiliate links but I won’t post them unless they resonate with me. If I come across anything new, I’ll be sure to update this page.

If you would like to contribute towards my journey in writing, that would be awesome and much is appreciated. And please let me know that you did contribute so that I can express my gratitude. 🙂