Earning My Way Through Life

The struggle has been real for me. Why? Because I chose it that way.

The people I admire the most in life are the ones who truly earned everything they have. The more disciplined, diligent, and resilient someone is towards their goals in life, the more respect I have for them.

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Hey Palm Springs…It’s Been 10 Years!!!

10 years ago, I lived in Palm Springs, California. I moved to Palm Springs in 2008 and moved out in 2010. Since then, I have only returned to visit maybe 3 times, at the most, in the span of a decade.

Today, I came back, which is the third time. It was a last minute decision that I didn’t think would have much of an impact, but boy was I wrong! I came at the perfect time! It’s crazy how much emotion you can still have over places you haven’t been to in years! Read more