What Would Bruce Lee Do?

I’ve been spending the last few nights binge watching Bruce Lee movies and tv shows as well as movies that pretty much have anything to do with him.

I knew Bruce Lee to be a legendary martial artist and philosopher but just observing his badassery both in the physical form and mental is just mind blowing and my respect for him increases every time I watch and listen to him.  This human really is a legend.

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Just Had To Share

Today was a pretty rad day.

I woke up this morning super pumped. I feel that all the meditation I did yesterday, along with watching a couple of Bruce Lee movies last night made a huge impact.

I went to the gym, drove around Sedona for a while without a destination, meditated at Bell Rock for a bit, then went to grab some coffee at a coffee shop called Creekside Coffee. Normally, doing these things would bore me and then create a little anxiety but I was pretty freakin’ chill today. Not anxious, not depressed, just chill.

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How Law of Attraction Really Works

In my opinion….

A few years ago I learned about the law of attraction. I watched The Secret and all sorts of YouTube videos describing how it worked and also read some articles and blog posts about it. Funny thing is none of it resonated with me because I later realized most of what I came across was over hyped and sugar coated.

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On A New Quest To Reconnect From the Disconnected

I’m back in Sedona, Arizona for a week. Hell yeah!

I’ve blogged about this place many times in the last couple of years because it truly is a powerfully energetic place that I find myself always wanting to come back to. And I’m going to simplify my own reason behind all the energy by saying it’s because of all the red I see.

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