Top 3 Books to Read When Life Hasn’t Been Going Your Way

Since the COVID-19 became a pandemic, many people around the world have been forced to face the ugliness of adversity.

During these difficult times, the last thing most people want to be offered are book recommendations. I know this because as much as I love books, I hated reading because I found many books lost my interest after the first chapter or two.

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Just Had To Share

Today was a pretty rad day.

I woke up this morning super pumped! I feel that all the meditation I did yesterday, along with watching a couple of Bruce Lee movies last night made a huge impact.

I went to the gym, drove around Sedona for a while without a destination, meditated at Bell Rock for a bit, then went to grab some coffee at a coffee shop called Creekside Coffee. Normally, doing these things would bore me and then create a little anxiety but I was pretty freakin’ chill today. Not anxious, not depressed, just chill.

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Why You Should Care About What People Think of You

To not care is based on an act of fear.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You can accept it as truth or not. But regardless, you should always accept their opinion but most importantly, stay neutral.

Anyone who has an opinion of you, whether positive or negative, is actually offering you their time, which is awesome because time is very valuable.

Think about it. If they really didn’t care to have an opinion of you, you would not waste any of their time. But the fact that anyone has any opinion of you is giving you something very valuable. And it goes the other way, any time you respond, you give them a piece of your time. Staying neutral is far more less time given than anger, wouldn’t you agree?

So just accept opinions as truth or not, stay neutral towards them, thank them for the time they have given you and then move along. When you do this, you are actually standing up to an act of fear being brought upon you, not running away from it. Cheers!