Just Had To Share

Today was a pretty rad day.

I woke up this morning super pumped! I feel that all the meditation I did yesterday, along with watching a couple of Bruce Lee movies last night made a huge impact.

I went to the gym, drove around Sedona for a while without a destination, meditated at Bell Rock for a bit, then went to grab some coffee at a coffee shop called Creekside Coffee. Normally, doing these things would bore me and then create a little anxiety but I was pretty freakin’ chill today. Not anxious, not depressed, just chill.

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Cafe What?

There’s always something new to learn every day but sometimes the easiest things to know can be the most embarrassing to learn.

Today, I visited a local coffee spot in Sedona, Arizona called Creekside Coffee.

Being me, I wanted to try something on the menu I’ve never had. The one thing on the menu I’ve never tried before was the Cafe Au Lait.

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