What Kind of Friends Do You Keep Around?

As they say, “Having 4 quarters is more valuable than having 100 pennies.” As a whole, their value is the same but individually, not even close.

I’ve always believed that true friends are very far and few in between and we should value them to the max. They’re the quarter friends who will always gravitate back to you, regardless of what direction in life you take. And you should never “depend” on them for anything as you should always depend on yourself. Read more

Reading Your Own Journal Entries

If there’s any reading material that will greatly improve your future, it’s reading about your life from the past, in the form of a journal.

To me, one of the most influential journal entries to date is Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. Marcus didn’t intend for his journal entries to be made public but when it did, it made a huge impact on others. Could you imagine what it did for him?

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