Earning $241,649 A Month From Blogging?!

How cool is that?!?!

A few months ago, I became really interested in learning more about affiliate marketing. I came across a YouTube video where a lady name Michelle Schroeder-Gardner was being interviewed about her earnings as a full-time blogger. I decided to check out her website and I couldn’t believe the amount of money she earns a month from her blog.

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“Likes” Are A Dime A Dozen

Views on the other hand, are golden.

I just wanted to throw this out there because Kat from Kat’s Observations brought this little nugget of wisdom to my attention in a comment. So thank you Kat!

If there’s anything on my blog that means a lot to me, besides the content I write and my fellow bloggers, it’s the impact my posts have. Getting “likes” really is a dime a dozen to me. I would feel empty if I had 100 likes on a post but 0 views, whereas, I would feel ecstatic about having 100 views but 0 likes.

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How Affirmations Work

Simple. You give it meaning. Lots of meaning and lots of good ones.

Think of affirmations like a car. In order to get to where you want to go, you have to put fuel in the car. Not just any fuel, but the kind that is the most efficient. You wouldn’t want to put diesel fuel in a car that will only run on 89 octane fuel, right? Because you just may cause the opposite of what you want to affirm. So don’t put the wrong meaning with the affirmation. This includes any doubt and fear based thoughts. Also, if you don’t give it any meaning, then you get nowhere.

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How To Switch Negative Energy Into Positive Energy Within Your Aura

It’s easy and simple with just one positive perspective. But first…

As I’ve explained before, we are all made up of energy and we are all connected. In order for there to be balance within the energy field that we do our little dance on, there needs to be both positive and negative energy floating around in existence.

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How To Deal With Challenges in Life

You laugh. Whatever challenges come at you in full force, you just laugh.

Whether you feel stuck in a rut, you just experienced a break up, you hate your job, your life is falling apart, you feel like life is trotting along on the shitty road full of pot holes, or you’re freezing in your Jeep on a rainy day (like me), you just have to laugh. Don’t ignore the challenges but rather acknowledge them for what they are, maybe cry about it for a little bit and then laugh.

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Why You Shouldn’t Feel Intimidated At the Gym

The gym is meant to be a place where you strengthen your body, not be intimidated by the bodies of other people.

When I first started going to the gym, years ago, I felt intimidated. I had no idea what I was doing, how to use most of the machines, what correct form was, how to use free weights and I got stared at because I was a twig and that feeling was very awkward. But this is normal and everyone starts somewhere, right? But I pulled myself together and kept going, regardless of what others thought of me. Now I go to the gym all the time, not giving a shit what other people think of me. I’m there to work on myself because that’s really all you can ever do. You can’t work on other people, so why care about what they think?

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