Owning Your Independent Nature

Here I am, back in Sedona, Arizona, until Friday, which is my 37th birthday. Woohoo! I can’t count how many times I’ve been called to come back here this year. I’m glad I come back every time because I’m usually energetically drained by the time I arrive and end up leaving fully charged.

I’ve been here for almost a week and have been camping in my Jeep, once again. It’s a lot of fun, especially when you know the right places to go. The weather has dropped down to about 36°F/2°C at night but I managed to pack some really warm gear this time. And even though the weather is really cold, the air quality is crisp, it’s very quiet outside and the night sky is super clear for star gazing!

Even though the environment is awesome on it’s own, the best part of coming to Sedona is the fact that I don’t know anyone here, yet I feel so comfortable. I do everything here by myself, such as camp, hike, go to the movies, work out at the gym, eat at restaurants and go to the local bar for some karaoke! People look at me like, “Is she here by herself?” But little do they know, I’m enjoying the hell out of it!

I watched a Ted Talks on Stoicism by Massimo Pigliucci the other night and one thing he said stood out for me. He had mentioned that humans are social animals, can survive on their own if needed but thrive in groups of people. I very much concur with that but I have something to add.

As much as I agree that humans thrive in groups of people, I feel thriving in groups works best when you take time away from people to do things on your own in “survival mode”. And for many people nowadays, “survival mode” is just going to the movies alone, without their phone.

In my opinion, if you can do things on your own and enjoy the hell out of it instead of considering it a form of survival, you can definitely thrive in groups of people, especially as a form of leadership. You will be more respected for your independence and people will be more inspired by you. Plus, you’ll have the best of both worlds by balancing both your independent and social nature.

So go out and enjoy a good movie on your own. I watched Bohemian Rhapsody last night at the theater and the movie was soooo good it didn’t even feel like it was over 2 hours long! I definitely enjoyed my experience, all the popcorn I got to eat by myself and all the inspiration I soaked up from Freddie Mercury’s divine, free spirited, confident and driven nature. And because Freddy was a free spirited person who owned a lot of cats, I wonder if he changed his last name to Mercury because he’s a Virgo and Mercury is Virgo’s ruling planet. Hmmm…

Anyways, the only minor problem at the theater was the lady in the front who felt the need to clap, sing and sob every 10 minutes. Ha! But really, if you haven’t seen that movie, go watch it alone! Then rock out to “Bohemian Rhapsody” on your ride home. Cheers!


Photo: Solo juniper tree, with a gnarly twist, that I came across on my hike up to Cathedral Rock yesterday. Buddy is just thriving on its own!




Blogging Milestones

Today marked my 200th blog post. Yay! I was also reminded of my 1 year anniversary with WordPress.com. Double Yay! And I’ve gained almost 400 followers. Triple Yay!

I wasn’t sure what to expect over the last year when I pulled out my credit card to pay for this blog but all I remember is that I was completely drunk off wine and I just wanted to write because a lot of weird things were happening to me and I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences.

Even though many of my posts were inconsistent to what I intended to write about, I still accept them all and glad they were all published. I still intend to write about a lot of what I said I would, and I’m looking forward to that along with achieving other blogging milestones….whatever they may be. Ha!

Thanks everyone for reading about my life so far and thanks for keeping the blogging world alive with your own! Triple cheers to you all and Happy 11.11!







Moving in the Right Direction

Hey all!

It’s been a while, take two.

I decided to pipe down on spirituality, blogging and travel so I could get back into focusing on working in the practical world to see where it takes me. It’s taken up my time for about two months and the results have been less than awesome.

I worked very hard for about 2 months almost in isolation in a small room and recently found myself feeling the same way I did when I decided to peace out from this kind of work the first time, which was around a little over a year ago. I realized that sometimes history repeats itself to remind you of the choices you made the first time and why you made them. And I believe all that has resurfaced over the last couple of weeks has definitely been influenced by the Venus Retrograde period, which is currently in motion right now. I won’t get into that in this post but you can always google about it.

So during these 2 months, I worked alone a lot and found myself getting into a mundane routine. I also kept experiencing resistance with the projects I was doing (things not going right, machines breaking down, setbacks, wasted materials, and pretty much anything to do with Murphy’s Law). And because of this, I was misjudged and treated unfairly, once again.

This did not sit well with me after multiple attempts to keep going but hey, I’m still at it for now and learning to handle things properly this time. And the only way to handle things properly and make better decisions is to find an outlet: A place to turn negative energy into positive energy in order to regain clarity to move forward in the right direction.

My outlet is the gym. Anytime I go there and go hard with my workouts, it feels like an internal reset of whatever was offset when I walked in. When I’m there doing my non-routine workouts, I mentally trash everything that made me feel offset, and I end up leaving with a fresh perspective, which is awesome and is definitely my favorite form of meditation.

Because I have gotten back into the gym grind a couple of months ago, I made a few goals and so far I’ve reached one, which is being able to conventional deadlift 225lbs again, but this time with a hook grip! Woop woop! I’m excited to achieve more but I’m trying to keep all my gym goals personal for now as it is my favorite form of meditation.

So because my choice to go back to a job I had originally cut ties with isn’t working out once again, I am going to start getting back into spirituality, blogging and travel again in the same way I got back into my gym grind…but after the Venus Retrograde period, of course. Cheers!


Photo: My first conventional deadlift attempt at pulling 225lbs/102kg with a hook grip. You can see my short vid on YouTube here

Grabbing Life By the Horns

I’m sure most people have heard this saying but how do you do it?

There’s no manual or easy way to know as everyone is on a different path in life.

For me, the best way to learn how to grab life by the horns is to get hit by them several times. This is not to say that you should allow yourself to get hit but when you do, think of the hit as an opportunity to further your step towards being a badass in life.

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Donating For A Great Cause

Lately, I’ve come to realize just how infinite money is and its never ending circulation.

Money, currency, cheddar, whatever you want to call it, is pure energy. It’s a wonderful and powerful tool that allows us to create the life we want to experience. However, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking that this type of tool is limited and that we never have enough.

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A Wink From the Cosmos

Yesterday, I randomly decided to take a break from my drive along the Pacific coast in a city called Depoe Bay, Oregon.

I sat in my Jeep for a good 30 minutes to take in the incredible view of the ocean and to catch up on my journaling because I haven’t done so since I was in Canada a couple of days ago. As I finished journaling, I decided to grab some food at one of the places located behind where I parked. I saw a sign for clam chowder located on one of the restaurants but for some reason I didn’t feel it was a good idea to go there but I did want chowder. I looked a little to my right and saw a place that looked really good and definitely caught my attention – Gracie’s Sea Hag. Ha! I went into Gracie’s and had myself a bread bowl full of awesome clam chowder.

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