Law of Attraction: Manifesting with Indiana Jones

A little over a week ago, I made a comment on a YouTube video about how manifesting works. I really didn’t think it would get any attention but it did.

It was a video on Jay Shetty’s channel with guest speaker/author Gabrielle Bernstein. They were having a discussion on manifesting. You can view it here.

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Law of Attraction: How it Really Works

A few years ago I learned about the law of attraction. I watched The Secret and all sorts of YouTube videos describing how it worked. I also read some articles and blog posts about it. Funny thing is, none of it resonated with me because I later realized most of what I came across was over hyped and sugar coated.

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Law of Attraction: How Affirmations Work

Simple. You give it meaning. Lots of meaning and lots of good ones.

Think of affirmations like a car. In order to get to where you want to go, you have to put fuel in the car. Not just any fuel, but the kind that is the most efficient.

You wouldn’t want to put diesel fuel in a car that will only run on 89 octane fuel, right? Because you just may cause the opposite of what you want to affirm. So don’t put the wrong meaning with the affirmation. This includes any doubt and fear based thoughts. Also, if you don’t give it any meaning, then you get nowhere.

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Manifesting An Ex Back Into Your Life

Manifesting is great. However, trying to manifest a specific person, especially an ex, isn’t so great. Here’s why.

Everyone is born with free will. Trying to manifest a specific person is an attempt to invade and manipulate their free will, which is bad karma. It is also a sign of mental weakness and co-dependency.

Think about it. If you want to manifest an ex back into your life, with the possibility that they may not be interested, would it be ok for an ex who you were’t interested in to manifest you back into their life? Probably not. The idea that someone you’re not interested in anymore may be trying to manifest you back, is not a good feeling, wouldn’t you agree?

When a relationship ends, there’s a reason. Maybe that person will come back into your life, maybe they won’t. But when you try to force things to happen, when you know you should leave things well alone, you create more problems for yourself. Not only do you create more problems for yourself, you selfishly try to include the person you are trying to manipulate back into your life.

There’s nothing wrong with manifesting a type of person into your life, if you want, just not a specific person and definitely not your ex. The type of person is the preferred way to manifest because you aren’t narrowing it down to one specific person who may end up not being interested in you.

When your options are bigger, you aren’t invading anyone’s free will. You allow people to come to you because you aren’t pinpointing. But of course, it’s hard to adopt this idea because of the emotional attachment we have towards people we’ve had strong emotional connections to.

So when trying to manifest an ex back into your life, think twice. Do you really want to invade the free will of someone who isn’t meant for you or allow someone who is meant for you to grace you with their presence? Would you want an ex you don’t have feelings for to manifest you back into their life?