The Quest To Find Meaning During Your Spiritual Awakening Journey

When you begin your spiritual awakening journey towards ascending to the higher 5th dimension level of consciousness, your perception about the world starts to change.

It can go slow or it can go fast. It all depends on your circumstances as everyone is different. Mine was slow for about a year. Then once I met my twin flame last year, the process went full speed ahead and it was very overwhelming.

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Living In My Jeep: Day 1

Hello again, San Francisco!

I left SoCal again last night to give San Francisco another shot. It was a premature decision because I really wasn’t ready to make this huge move but something told me to just go, just like the time I up and left to visit the Four Corners in New Mexico, randomly. I also wanted to make the decision fast, before my mind started coming up with reasons to stay put in my comfort zone. Boring.

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Where Do I Want To Go…

As I sit in my Jeep by a park, waiting for my 2.5 hour delivery shift to start in an hour, I think to myself… where do I want to go?

I need change and I need to make things happen fast because my patience with boredom is running thin. Adventure, risk taking and new beginnings is what I’d like to experience now.

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My Yearlong Journey Down the Rabbit Hole and Pulling Myself Out of It

I’ve experienced a lot of weirdness over this past year and most of it has been beyond my capability of understanding.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, I fell down the rabbit hole for a year and became very confused with just about everything in life: my identity, emotions, values, goals, etc. My thoughts became very cloudy and waves of darkness would hover over me at random times, which made me feel lethargic, stagnant and lost. To me, this was trash because I’m naturally an optimistic, non-emotional, go-getter in life.

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Thinking About Moving Back Into My Jeep

Lately, I’ve been feeling very discontent with my living situation.

I sleep on a couch in my sister’s house, and live out of my suitcase. This is fine and I have no problem with it because I’m super chill with not having a lot as I’ve mentioned in my When I Have Less, I Appreciate More blog. The problem I have is the toxic environment I’m exposed to while I’m staying here.

Because I have been accelerating through the ascension process of spiritual awakening, I’m more sensitive to the energy around me. Way, WAY more sensitive. I can pick up on positive and negative energy in people real quick. Before I started the ascension process, I didn’t get bothered as much by other people’s energy because I was never aware of it. Now, I can’t help but take notice and feel it intensely, no matter what I’m doing.

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When I Have Less, I Appreciate More

Sometime last fall, I bought a little purple notebook and called it my gratitude/appreciation book. The purpose of this notebook was to help me figure out what was meaningful in my life. I had just began my dark and confusing “dark night of the soul” phase, so everything that I once thought meant something, came into question.

Each day I had to write 10 things that I was grateful for and 10 things that I appreciated. And yes, there is a difference between gratitude and appreciation. To me, gratitude is being thankful for something in preparation towards appreciating it, while appreciation is fully acknowledging the quality of something you are grateful for. You can be grateful for many things but not appreciate them.

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