Happy New Year’s Eve!

Greetings fellow bloggers! I just wanted to wish you all a very happy and safe New Year’s Eve and make the most out of this last day of the decade!

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Hey Palm Springs…It’s Been 10 Years!!!

10 years ago, I lived in Palm Springs, California. I moved to Palm Springs in 2008 and moved out in 2010. Since then, I have only returned to visit maybe 3 times, at the most, in the span of a decade.

Today, I came back, which is the third time. It was a last minute decision that I didn’t think would have much of an impact, but boy was I wrong! I came at the perfect time! It’s crazy how much emotion you can still have over places you haven’t been to in years! Read more

A Couple of New Books I Bought

What candy is to children is what books are to me.

I absolutely love books! I love them so much that they are probably the only purchase I can make where I don’t experience buyer’s remorse.

There have been books I bought where I would just read a few random chapters and put the book away. However, I’m always excited to have them around just incase I need to seek them out for reference. I’ve done that a lot and to me, it’s just so much more fun doing that then googling information. Books are just material items I’ve always treasured because they contain magic inside, plus they smell good. This is also why I love bookstores and libraries so much.

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