Stoicism: How to Handle Bad Days Like A Boss

Bad days suck.

We all have them and will continue to have them. Some days are more intense than others. However, if we are prepared, we can handle “bad days” like a boss.

Bad days are days where we perceive, not experience, many things go “wrong”. They have the ability to trigger us in many ways to the point of causing us to completely lose our shit, multiple times, throughout the day.

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Understanding Human Nature

About a week ago, I was watching some random YouTube video and a recommended video came up about Robert Greene’s new book, “The Laws of Human Nature”.

I was so stoked on this as Robert Greene is one of my favorite authors. I just thought it was strange because the video I was watching was completely irrelevant. It was a video about a gym challenge on pull ups, squats, deadlifts and bench press, where 3 guys had to do 100 of each in a certain amount of time. You can watch it here if that piques your interest.

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Respecting Nature

I’ve said it many times before, Sedona is awesome! Every time I come here, I gain a lot of clarity.

This morning as I was enjoying my coffee in my room at the Sedona Summit Resort, I started to think about the many recent conversations I’ve had with my friend, Geoff. That dude is just awesome!

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