What Is Your Belief System Comprised Of?

Tenets that are constructive or destructive?

There are so many different belief systems out in the world, that as you get older, you start to wonder what you are truly conversant with and what really resonates with you, such as your philosophy in life and/or religion.

The minds of children are very fragile; they are super absorbent information sponges. Why? Because the critical faculty in the brain has not yet been built to protect the subconscious part of the mind. The subconscious is the sacred treasure you hold within your mind, which is your belief system (memories, emotions, etc.). It’s home – with furniture. That’s why your childhood memories are much more salient than your adulthood memories. And I can guarantee your childhood memories will trump your adulthood memories, unless of course, there has been some damage to the limbic system in the temporal lobe part of the brain.

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Reading People

“People are strange.” – Jim Morrison

I agree.

I think of everyone as strange until I can understand them to a certain extent because a lot of times, people aren’t really who they say they are or appear to be at first, therefore, they’re a stranger. It’s only when you have observed them long enough to know whether they align with their true colors or not.

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What Can I Do Right Now?

I wasn’t really in the mood to blog yesterday or earlier today because I’ve been feeling a bit “meh”. That’s ok though, it’s an integral part of life. Feeling crappy balances me out and reminds me to appreciate that I’m a human with the ability to experience emotions.

Anyways, since I didn’t feel like blogging earlier, I thought, “What can I do right now?” I allowed myself to feel like crap for long enough and wanted to get back into the feel good vibe ASAP. I figured it should be something simple that doesn’t require me to drive anywhere or look at my electronic devices. I couldn’t decide whether to watch The Lincoln Lawyer or The Accountant, which are two of my favorite movies. I thought maybe I should just not deal with any electronics whatsoever, so I picked up one of my favorite books: The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene.

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Changing Up My Eating Regimen

Two years ago, I did an experiment for 3 months to see whether or not a certain eating regimen would change the way I feel energetically. And to my surprise, it did. But not only that, it created other benefits for me. So what did I do?

I became a vegan.

As of right now, I’m a carnivore because I just love chicken, pork, steak and seafood. Also because I have an extremely fast metabolism, which I’ll explain later. But with the changes I’m going through right now, I’m leaning towards veganism again.

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Keeping Things Simple

The mind is complex. We all know this. But is life? No. We just perceive it that way because we allow our mind to run rampant. As within, so without.

There’s so many things in our life that we can’t control but we can control our mind. Unfortunately, we allow our minds to conjure up ways to make things so complex and difficult, thanks to our amygdala.

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What My Blog Is and Isn’t About

I figured now would be the best time to explain what my blog is and isn’t about in order to prevent people from becoming bewildered towards the content that I publish.

What my blog is about:

My life. Duh. 😉 It’s about the good, the bad, the setbacks I deal with and how I push forward. I am an advocate of stoicism and to me it is by far the most useful type of philosophy a human can put to use when life gets real ugly. It can be a bit perplexed but I’ll try to simplify it the best way I can anytime I incorporate it into my posts. After all, I’m all about keeping things simple. It’s the stoic way.

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