Happy Memorial Day

I just wanted to keep this simple by thanking all American military men and women who had put their lives on the line to protect the freedom of America. As much as I respect and send love to all countries, America is my home country and I deeply, DEEPLY appreciate what others have had to sacrifice in order for me to enjoy being an American in the land of the free. So for my fellow Americans, let’s not forget: The land of the free is because of the brave. Happy Memorial Day!



Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Today, I thought I would share a very short post with a very big message about self-awareness, in order to incubate long term positivity into your minds. It’s from one of my favorite self-aware Stoic gurus, Epictetus, with a modern day translation from one of my favorite authors, Ryan Holiday. Enjoy! And don’t forget to keep life green! Cheers!

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Were Ancient Philosophers Smoking Crack?


I’ve always been interested in learning about ancient philosophy, even though I feel that most of it is way above my intellectual caliber. There is just something interesting about the way in which everything works or perceived from an ancient philosophical standpoint. Is red really red? If so, what is the redness of red really like? It’s rather mind-blowing.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

As an optimist, I think it’s a great day for people to get into the loving spirit. However, I think this day sends out the wrong message.

Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday because it doesn’t correlate with the history behind it except maybe the color red. But even though it’s a Hallmark holiday, I do enjoy looking at the pretty colors and all the creativity presented in flower arrangements and gifts.

So why do I say this day sends out the wrong message? I feel most people are seeking and expecting love in the wrong way. It doesn’t surprise me that most people who dislike or are saddened by this holiday are those who are single.

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SoCal Definitely Missed the Winter Train This Year

Choo Choo!

I wrote about this weird phenomenon a month ago. And the difference is that it’s much warmer now than it was a month ago.

Today I went on another 6 mile hike towards the lake I ventured about the other day and nearly got my ass sunburned! Instead of getting sunburned, I accumulated some ugly new tan lines. Heyo!

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