I’m In Canada!


…and I’m staying at the exact hotel I last saw my twin flame in person exactly one year ago. It’s weird, very weird. I’m here and he’s not.

I’ve experienced a lot of my past in the last 2 months. Really, it’s crazy, very weird and very surreal. I honestly didn’t think I would revisit a massive amount of past experiences within just 2 months.

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A New Beginning

The new and fresh blank canvas of a life cycle has begun for me. I’m in Morro Bay, California.

Yesterday morning, I took Kal to the LAX airport to fly back to Florida. The moment that her flight took off at 11:11am marked the end of a very spiritual evolving cycle. It was a tough cycle but ended nicely only because I listened to my intuition.

I’m in Morro Bay on my way up to Vancouver, Canada. I have no idea why I want to go there but it was the same intuitive nudge that I received before Jeeping off to Sedona, Mt. Shasta, the Four Cornes and Florida this year.

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Receiving Physical Confirmation

This morning, I woke up to a surprise. A room full of ants.

Most people would consider this to be something disturbing and unfortunate, but that’s only if you view it that way, which is the 3D way of thinking. At first, I went back to my 3D way of thinking and then boom, I redirected back to 5D by realizing that this was physical confirmation that the vicious cycle I went through has finally come to an end! If you don’t know what the difference is between 3D and 5D, I blogged about it here.

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Tonight Is The Night!

I just arrived in my hometown of Twentynine Palms, California. Woot woot! And I’m so happy to be here! I was able to grab a room at the 29 Palms Inn and it has everything I need for tonight’s once in a century appearance!

Tonight is the full moon and it’s not just an ordinary full moon, it’s a blood moon and it’s the longest total lunar eclipse of the century! Yeah buddy! This one is definitely a rare fella.

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Wrapping Up the End of A Vicious Cycle

I woke up this morning around 5:30 and started crying, quietly.

It’s funny because prior to a year ago, I never really cried much. But then again, I was still “asleep” and wasn’t aware of all the energy I had been absorbing every day, especially as an empath. I also didn’t understand the true nature of crying and thought it was a sign of weakness.

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A Spiritual Message

I was thinking earlier about how challenging it still is for me to converse with people who do not understand yet about how spirituality/energy works. People ask me about why I’m not the same Jen I used to be and why I’ve become so isolated from everyone in the skydiving industry that I’ve been around for 5 years.

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Effective Ways To Bring in Abundant Energy Into Your Life

The more I learn about energy, and the more I play around with it to see what it does, the more I become very impressed.

Everything in this Universe vibrates on an energy grid. And just like a battery, in order for energy to work, it requires both positive and negative and must maintain a state of equilibrium.

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