Don’t Worry, It’s Still There

Yesterday I drove about 520 miles from Ohio to Wisconsin. Yay!

During that time, my mind was brewing up all sorts of creative thoughts and ideas. I was so stoked about this that I could feel positive energy flowing through my body the entire 8 hour drive. It was awesome!

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The 48 Laws of Power: A Book That Should Be Made Into A Series On Netflix

I’ve written about this book before as it’s a very informative book on machiavellianism and because I absolutely love it! It’s very informative, very interesting and each chapter is like opening up a new book. Robert Greene is a genius, who has a very kind spirit that knows what’s up in life and, of course, is one of my favorite authors.

I posted about this book again because I really think Netflix should make this into a series and also I would like to read opinions from people who’ve read this book.

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To Keep Blog Posts Long or Not To?

The main purpose of my blog was to write about aspects of my life and life in general in the most simplified way possible.

As I go back to reading my posts, I notice that many are just downright too long! To me, personally, I think that’s great! There was a lot of thought and meaning put into those posts but were they actually simplified versions of anything? It doesn’t matter because keeping things simple all the time means keeping things boring and I’m not about the boring life. Plus there are many aspects of life that can’t be simplified in under 3 paragraphs.

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What Does the Speed Limit Sign Really Mean?

I’ve been on this pretty cool road trip among the states for the last month. From California to Florida, then from Florida to New York and now from New York to Maine, just for a few days to celebrate July 4th with family. And during my travels through the 15 states, one question kept popping up in my head: Why are people so confused?

I drive a Jeep Wrangler and any of my fellow Wrangler owners know, Jeep Wranglers aren’t very aerodynamic whatsoever. They are boxy and they are definitely not made to race down highways and freeways, especially when the tires are oversized. But they are lovely motorized beasts and fun as fuck to play with off pavement!

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What Is Your Preferred Learning Style?

Do you prefer to learn in terms of formal education or self education?

Up until I graduated from San Diego Mesa College, a community college, I preferred to learn in terms of formal education. If I had known then what I know now, I would’ve stopped there, but I didn’t.

I attended a university to pursue my bachelor’s degree in philosophy so I could go to law school because at the time, I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. I was told that if I wanted to be a really awesome lawyer, I needed to major in philosophy. Why? Because philosophy focuses on analytical thinking and logic.

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