Camping in My Jeep and Some Intentions

Hey everyone!

I thought I would give you all a little tour of my Jeep, Ringo, and where I’ve been camping for the past week. I’m not very good with the vlogging stuff but, to be honest, I don’t want to. Ha! I’d like to stick with blogging.

So, I did leave California once again. I wanted to be practical and “responsible” a couple of months ago by going back to picking up the same job and the same shit I left a year ago, only to be reminded of why I left the first time.

To me, the sense of freedom and independence are the most important aspects of my life. When I feel restricted or a sense of obligation, I lose sight of who I am and then things get stupid and I end up feeling like I’m wasting my time. So, basically, I would rather sleep in my very own Jeep than to deal with other people’s shit under their roof. And in California, it’s very difficult to afford your own place. My finances became its worse over the last year, just because I wanted my own place. So I’m outtie, until I can really afford to go back.

Since the cost of living in Cali is extremely expensive, my intentions is to find somewhere outside of California to start a new life. I would like to learn about horses, learn to play the piano, meet new people who I deeply resonate with and hopefully find a house to buy where I can grow my own garden, have enough yard space to own a couple of dogs and have a lot of privacy to read and meditate during the day and then rock out and sing to my dogs at night! Ha! I may also decide to go back to school and finish my BA in Philosophy as a means in itself, not a means to an end.

This all sounds out of my reach at the moment because I’m completely unclear of how to make it happen. But I’m optimistic about it all and that’s why I’m here in Sedona: to gain clarity about the next step to take, just like I did back in June of this year. What an exciting road trip that was and I plan to do it again next summer!

Anyways, I moved whatever is left of my stuff into storage back home in Southern California, near my sister, so I can go scout where to begin a new life. I’m thinking here in Arizona or Texas. We shall see. But in the meantime, I’m just camping in my Jeep, doing some solo hiking in the area, working out at the gym and then ending the day with taking a nice hot shower there!

So here’s a little video clip I have from this morning when I woke up. The end of it cut off but the majority stayed. I also managed to get a shot of a hot air balloon passing by me. Anyways, enjoy!



Did the Movie “Final Destination” Become “Based on True Events”?

The other day there was a shooting at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California. I’ve been to this bar a few times in the past couple of years and it was always a fun place to go. Apparently, the gunman had posted on social media that he didn’t have a motive for the shooting. He stated that he was just ‘bored”.

In October 2017, there was a shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada at a music festival. Again, no motives as to why the gunman decided to go ape shit on a group of people having fun.

The one thing that caught my attention about these two unfortunate incidents is that many of the people who survived the Las Vegas massacre were also at the Thousand Oaks massacre. Most survived, except for one, Telemachus Orfanos, who actually died during the second massacre. Once I read this, I thought, “Is this real life Final Destination?” What do you think?

My condolences go out to the families and friends who were affected by this tragedy. I’ve already donated towards the Conejo Valley Victims Fund and if you would like to as well, you can here at Cheers!



Moving in the Right Direction

Hey all!

It’s been a while, take two.

I decided to pipe down on spirituality, blogging and travel so I could get back into focusing on working in the practical world to see where it takes me. It’s taken up my time for about two months and the results have been less than awesome.

I worked very hard for about 2 months almost in isolation in a small room and recently found myself feeling the same way I did when I decided to peace out from this kind of work the first time, which was around a little over a year ago. I realized that sometimes history repeats itself to remind you of the choices you made the first time and why you made them. And I believe all that has resurfaced over the last couple of weeks has definitely been influenced by the Venus Retrograde period, which is currently in motion right now. I won’t get into that in this post but you can always google about it.

So during these 2 months, I worked alone a lot and found myself getting into a mundane routine. I also kept experiencing resistance with the projects I was doing (things not going right, machines breaking down, setbacks, wasted materials, and pretty much anything to do with Murphy’s Law). And because of this, I was misjudged and treated unfairly, once again.

This did not sit well with me after multiple attempts to keep going but hey, I’m still at it for now and learning to handle things properly this time. And the only way to handle things properly and make better decisions is to find an outlet: A place to turn negative energy into positive energy in order to regain clarity to move forward in the right direction.

My outlet is the gym. Anytime I go there and go hard with my workouts, it feels like an internal reset of whatever was offset when I walked in. When I’m there doing my non-routine workouts, I mentally trash everything that made me feel offset, and I end up leaving with a fresh perspective, which is awesome and is definitely my favorite form of meditation.

Because I have gotten back into the gym grind a couple of months ago, I made a few goals and so far I’ve reached one, which is being able to conventional deadlift 225lbs again, but this time with a hook grip! Woop woop! I’m excited to achieve more but I’m trying to keep all my gym goals personal for now as it is my favorite form of meditation.

So because my choice to go back to a job I had originally cut ties with isn’t working out once again, I am going to start getting back into spirituality, blogging and travel again in the same way I got back into my gym grind…but after the Venus Retrograde period, of course. Cheers!


Photo: My first conventional deadlift attempt at pulling 225lbs/102kg with a hook grip. You can see my short vid on YouTube here

Staying Put

I’ve been busy for the last few weeks.

Right now, I’m staying put in the Huntington Beach/Santa Ana areas of California. I’m working on projects with a former contractor I worked with and it has been taking up my time.

When I’m not working, I go to the gym because I feel it is absolutely imperative to get myself back in shape both physically and mentally. I’ve also realized that when I’m not traveling around and experiencing the newness of life, my desire to blog and share ideas, whether practical or spiritual, becomes blocked.

So my apologies for anyone who has wondered why I haven’t been blogging this month and I’m just now getting back to those who have emailed me. I appreciate the emails very much!

I still plan to travel up to Montana and blog about random life philosophies, but right now, I’m staying put for a while and working in the material world. I hope all of you have a wonderful day and hopefully I’ll post something awesome soon. Cheers!