What Does Your Birthday Say About You?

We could call it serendipity, coincidence, chance, frequency illusion, or just overthinking.

You know that story of someone walking through a bookstore and some random book just happens to fall off the shelves at the perfect time? They pick it up, read it and then their life magically changes forever.

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What Would Bruce Lee Do?

I’ve been spending the last few nights binge watching Bruce Lee movies and tv shows as well as movies that pretty much have anything to do with him.

I knew Bruce Lee to be a legendary martial artist and philosopher but just observing his badassery both in the physical form and mental is just mind blowing and my respect for him increases every time I watch and listen to him.  This human really is a legend.

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Is Social Media the Real Terminator?

The other day I was binge watching the Terminator series that started in 1984. And wow, in regards to technology, we really have come a long way, which is super cool yet scary.

As I was watching Terminator 2: Judgement Day (T2), I started to think about whether or not large physical forms of artificial intelligence will really try to wipe out the human race within the next decade. Then I thought, “No, this is actually happening right now, except no one is chasing us.”

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My Thoughts on Joker

If you haven’t seen it, don’t read this post.

When Joker first came out in theaters, I wasn’t interested in watching it. In fact, I haven’t been interested in watching any of the Batman movies since the 90’s. The only reason why I wanted to watch Joker was because of the controversy. I was curious as to why people thought this movie was going to create future violence with regards to mass shootings.

So I decided to watch it. And I cried. A lot.

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