Astrology, My Natal Birth Chart and Some Randomness

I’ve been wanting to blog about this for a while but didn’t because I felt caged in the hermit mode type of energy that sits in the corner and feels sorry for itself. Plus astrology was just one of those spiritual aspects I’ve wanted to pipe down on. But recently, I’ve picked it back up.

So now that a huge astrological shift has happened, I can feel it, big time! It’s Jupiter returning home into Sagittarius! I have been waiting for this transit since October 2017 and it has finally come.

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Mercury Retrograde Is A Time To Slow Down In Life

Mercury Retrograde has been given a bad rap.

I’m no astrologer but from what I know, Mercury is the planet of communication and quick thinking. It likes to go, go, go but in retrograde, it’s slow, slow, SLOOOOOOW! Right now, Mercury’s retrograde period is from December 3 – December 22. There’s a shadow period before and after these dates but I won’t get into that.

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