Love and Lost

Last year, I fell in love. Then it ended.

It hurt. A lot.

2017 was a pretty harsh year for me, but damn I learned a lot.

I met J, as I’ll call him, in March 2017, while I was working with his Canadian demo parachuting team. I was one of the parachute riggers assigned to pack for their team. Besides his amazingly beautiful blue eyes, I didn’t think much of him at first because he didn’t fit the description of what I would consider my “type”. Plus, I was solely focused on work, my life and well, he’s Canadian and I’m an American.

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Does Canadian Money Smell Like Maple Syrup?


It sure does! Well…the paper currency does.

I visited Canada twice last year. First time I flew to Ottawa, Ontario in May and the second time I drove up to Abbotsford, British Columbia from down here in Southern California in August. So before I drove back home, I had to make sure that I brought back some fresh Canadian currency.

When I left Abbotsford, I stopped by the shop at the US/Canadian border to buy a few things an received one of the brand new $10 for Canada’s 150th anniversary. I was so stoked that I just wanted to smell it. And once I did, I had to smell it again. Yup, smells like maple syrup!

I had forgotten about this until I was reminded somehow today that Canadian money smells like maple syrup. I had to take it out of my wallet and smell it again. Yep, still smells like maple syrup!