My Perspective on Depression and Suicide

What if we all just took a HUGE step back?

What if we all just stopped allowing ourselves to create negative emotions when we hear about someone who is depressed, has suicidal thoughts or has committed suicide?

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Living A Balanced Life

All starts within.

What makes life “hard” and “stressful” is an imbalance between your conscious mind and subconscious mind. When they clash, you have problems. What you consciously want in life will not happen if your subconscious rejects it because, after all, your subconscious mind runs about 90% of your life.

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Don’t Think Positive, Change Perspective

I’ve posted a couple of blogs about the importance of feeling good because feeling good gets you in alignment with enjoying the valuable life you are given. Well, in my opinion, trying to tell yourself or someone else to “think positive” is not something I would suggest. I think it’s a kind way to help someone and I’m all about kindness and the effort given, but being as blunt and honest as I am with a different perspective, I don’t think it gets the ball rolling towards feeling good.

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