Who Gives A Shit

Too many people care about what others think of them.

This is why the phrase, “The most expensive place in the world is the graveyard because that’s where all the million dollar ideas go to die” exists.

There’s so many awesome ideas out there just lurking around in people’s mind but because they care too much about what others think, they never allow these ideas to manifest. I feel this way about bloggers, writers, idealists or whatever you identify with.

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What Kind of Friends Do You Keep Around?

As they say, “Having 4 quarters is more valuable than having 100 pennies.” As a whole, their value is the same but individually, not even close.

I’ve always believed that true friends are very far and few in between and we should value them to the max. They’re the quarter friends who will always gravitate back to you, regardless of what direction in life you take. And you should never “depend” on them for anything as you should always depend on yourself. Depending on anyone else is called being entitled and co-dependent.

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Using Meditation As A Reset Button

The last few days have been pretty overwhelming for me due to the solar eclipse. I could go into detail about why the moon phases have a huge impact on me, but I’ll blog about that, along with my spiritual awakening, at a different time, when I’m ready to share.

So this morning while enjoying my cup of coffee, I remembered to read yesterday and today’s Daily Stoic, since I forgot yesterday. What I read today is just what I needed to read and be reminded of: the present moment.

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We All Have To Start Somewhere

I started this blog, while I was drunk, a couple of months ago without any indication of its future.

All I really wanted was to get my ideas out there, but I slipped. I published maybe 2 posts in November. I had no idea what I was doing. I had no followers, no views and no likes.

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