Don’t Worry, Be Happy

We are constantly bombarded every day with so much, that our minds become ridiculously overwhelmed. I also love this song by Bobby McFerrin.

I just left SoCal the other day and as I drove through LA rush hour in the afternoon, I started to notice how other drivers looked so stressed out. Aren’t most of these people heading home, instead of work? Why is everyone rushing so much all the time, especially when they don’t need to? Is it because we now live in an era of instant gratification?

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Reading People

“People are strange.” – Jim Morrison

I agree.

I think of everyone as strange until I can understand them to a certain extent because a lot of times, people aren’t really who they say they are or appear to be at first, therefore, they’re a stranger. It’s only when you have observed them long enough to know whether they align with their true colors or not.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

As an optimist, I think it’s a great day for people to get into the loving spirit. However, I think this day sends out the wrong message.

Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday because it doesn’t correlate with the history behind it except maybe the color red. But even though it’s a Hallmark holiday, I do enjoy looking at the pretty colors and all the creativity presented in flower arrangements and gifts.

So why do I say this day sends out the wrong message? I feel most people are seeking and expecting love in the wrong way. It doesn’t surprise me that most people who dislike or are saddened by this holiday are those who are single.

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Changing Up My Eating Regimen

Two years ago, I did an experiment for 3 months to see whether or not a certain eating regimen would change the way I feel energetically. And to my surprise, it did. But not only that, it created other benefits for me. So what did I do?

I became a vegan.

As of right now, I’m a carnivore because I just love chicken, pork, steak and seafood. Also because I have an extremely fast metabolism, which I’ll explain later. But with the changes I’m going through right now, I’m leaning towards veganism again.

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No Matter What Happens, I’m Not Going to Skidaddle This Time

img_0343There are many things that I’ve either quit or failed at in the past. And I’m pretty sure I will still continue to do these things for the rest of my life. It’s not a bad thing, we just perceive it that way.

I don’t advocate quitting and failing just for the hell of it. If you feel that you can continue something and do well, then by all means do so. Quitting and failing are just a part of life. To me, they are markers indicating a new change of direction. It’s a form of release from resistance.

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