Is Blogging Dead?

Well, blogging is definitely not even close to being as popular as it was 10 years ago.

10 years ago, people had to sit in front of a computer and search for information and entertainment because smart phones with apps weren’t as common as they are now.

I remember having a Blackberry and I did watch “How To” videos on YouTube but the quality and content were so bad that I didn’t even bother most of the time. And because YouTube videos at the time were trash, blogging was a thing. Why read a book made from paper when you can participate in the newly evolved form of information and entertainment via technology?

So of course, blogging was a hit and people started to realize that they could monetize their blog from all the traffic they were getting, especially traveling blogs. They shared that with others and then boom everyone and their mom started to blog.

Fast forward 10 years and everyone has a smart phone with various apps. Not only that, the quality of cameras have improved greatly, therefore, YouTube videos are more interesting to watch. With that said, why read any blogs when you can watch a vlog?

Nowadays, everyone and their mom is trying to vlog. It’s easy to understand why because many have made a killing from it. I mean it’s the perfect job, right? You make your own hours, work for yourself by doing what you love and not only do you make a shit ton of money for it, but you are recognized for your creativity. And it’s also easier, faster and more entertaining to produce vlogging content than blogging content. It’s also more popular because of the short attention span of the collective, due to information being easily accessible over the internet.

So with this all said, is blogging really dead?

Nah, it’s just more difficult to attract people to your content and stay because of the competitive nature of blogging.

If you want to be successful with blogging in 2020 you either have to provide content that is very creative and one of a kind then market your content through networking and SEO tools, or be an influencer scam artist. You can also be a celebrity of some kind and have a successful blog because if you are well liked, people will read whatever bullshit garbage you want to write about. But that’s better than being a scam artist.

I’ve observed so many scam artists making money off of their pricey online courses and what not over information that is either irrelevant to what they are trying to teach or complete useless garbage. For example, all the super wealthy people who claim to help others get rich by, “the power of their daily routine and intentions”. The power of their daily routines and intentions did not make them super wealthy, but scamming people into believing did, along with some other ways I’m sure they don’t share.

This is not to say that every influencer is a scam artist. I’m sure there are a lot of influencers that don’t try to scam people. They really are wholesome and provide content because they love it and I hope more of them are recognized for it.

So if you have content that you feel is creative and one of a kind, you can definitely become a successful blogger. Even if whatever you have isn’t a part of the trend, you can start a new one.

Some Lessons Learned From Blogging

I’ve hopped back on again and I don’t intend to leave! What was once “Jen’s Life” is now “The Resilience Swing”.

Earlier this year, I decided to buy my own self-hosted site on and export everything from, even my followers. The reason why is because is a hosted site that I “rent” from, not own and because I had taken a lot of advice from successful bloggers that highly recommended self-hosting sites.

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Appreciating Social Media Apps For What They Are

For the last couple of years, I removed myself from social media. I solely blamed social media apps on the corruption of people. However, I was wrong.

Social media apps were designed to be tools used for communication, entertainment and business, not for destroying our self worth and well being. To use the tools of social media in a destructive way is like taking a hammer and hammering down our own hand, instead of hammering down the nails that are required to build something awesome.

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Rockabye Amygdala

Happiness, joy, motivation, inspiration, resilience, grit, determination and all those other really sweet positive emotions are available to us anytime.

The one thing that keeps us from experiencing these emotions is an overactive amygdala or what I call a crybaby amygdala. It’s like trying to watch a good movie when all of a sudden your baby wakes up and starts crying. That’s exactly what happens with your brain.

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Lending Out A Helping Hand

One of the many things I enjoy about traveling is finding different ways to help people make their job less of a stress, even if I’m considered a guest.

I’ve stayed at many different hotels and Airbnb, dined at many different restaurants and enjoyed coffee and wifi at many different coffee shops around the United States. When I go to these places, I always make sure that I leave the place super tidy and clean.

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