Living In My Jeep: Days 8-12

I’m losing track of time. I really have no idea what day is what now, but that’s awesome! It means I’m living in the present more. Sweet!

So I stayed in Mt. Shasta for 3 days and 2 nights. I froze my ass off both nights sleeping at the base of the mountain because it was cold and rainy but it was definitely worth it!

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Living In My Jeep: Day 1

Hello again, San Francisco!

I left SoCal again last night to give San Francisco another shot. It was a premature decision because I really wasn’t ready to make this huge move but something told me to just go, just like the time I up and left to visit the Four Corners in New Mexico, randomly. I also wanted to make the decision fast, before my mind started coming up with reasons to stay put in my comfort zone. Boring.

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