Dear Fellow Bloggers

You guys are awesome! Really, you are!

I’ve been back in Southern California for about a week and I’m ready to leave again!

Southern California, in its essence, is great. However, I’ve come to realize that there are way too many people here and the energy from all the people who take this place for granted have been super rough on me. I’ll blog about all that shit some other time. Maybe when I finally get my ass up to Montana!

But for now, I just want to say thanks to everyone for blogging. It really is nice to step back from all the superficial bullshit I see going on in SoCal and log onto WordPress to read authentic mind candy. So keep it up! Love you guys! Cheers!




Donating For A Great Cause

Lately, I’ve come to realize just how infinite money is and its never ending circulation.

Money, currency, cheddar, whatever you want to call it, is pure energy. It’s a wonderful and powerful tool that allows us to create the life we want to experience. However, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking that this type of tool is limited and that we never have enough.

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A Little Something For My Mom

Any time I’m in Sedona, Arizona, I try to swing by the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

I’m not Catholic but my mom was. She tried to get me and both of my sisters to go to church all the time with her when we were younger but never forced us.

We were all baptized as Catholics but out of the three of us, I was the only one who never received Confirmation and Holy Communion. So yeah, I wasn’t allowed to eat the bread and drink the grape juice.

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Tonight Is The Night!

I just arrived in my hometown of Twentynine Palms, California. Woot woot! And I’m so happy to be here! I was able to grab a room at the 29 Palms Inn and it has everything I need for tonight’s once in a century appearance!

Tonight is the full moon and it’s not just an ordinary full moon, it’s a blood moon and it’s the longest total lunar eclipse of the century! Yeah buddy! This one is definitely a rare fella.

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Reblogging Is Cool!

Honestly, I should be doing this more often.

There’s a lot of really great information out there that I’ve come across that I feel should be shared with those who haven’t yet been connected with the goods. And there’s a lot of information that people may be looking for but haven’t been able to find, that is until they see a reblog posted.

Reblogging is a great way to share because it comes from the original source and it also helps to pull in the readers they deserve but haven’t yet acquired.

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Wrapping Up the End of A Vicious Cycle

I woke up this morning around 5:30 and started crying, quietly.

It’s funny because prior to a year ago, I never really cried much. But then again, I was still “asleep” and wasn’t aware of all the energy I had been absorbing every day, especially as an empath. I also didn’t understand the true nature of crying and thought it was a sign of weakness.

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A Girl I’ve Admired Since I Was A Kid

…and I still do to this day.

The other day on the way to Flagstaff, Arizona from the Rio Grande National Forest in Colorado, Kal and I came across a black horse all by its lonesome in a field we were passing by. Even though this horse was black instead of white, it somehow reminded me of one of my favorite movies growing up: Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken.

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