Why Am I Single?

Because I do what I want! Ha!

I get asked this question a lot, both in person and on my blog. And the answer, for the most part, is deep connection.

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My Biggest Fear Is Now My Biggest Goal

The other day I shared something I felt the most vulnerable about and I’m so glad I did!

It took me a few days in Sedona, Arizona to really absorb what was really going on. Thanks Sedona!

When I posted my biggest fear towards being a good parent, I just knew I was going to get criticized for what I wrote, but I felt it needed to be shared. I also knew that no matter how I worded the post, it was going to be portrayed the same way: bad parenting skills. But I still felt I needed to release that kind of negative energy that’s been held inside my internal pandora’s box for so long.

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What A Spiritual Awakening Feels Like

It feels like going through spiritual puberty.

But what does spiritual puberty feel like? I’ll elaborate on both.

As of right now, I am not fully awake, I’m still going through the spiritual puberty process as my consciousness is changing through mind expansion. My last two posts verify that I am still not fully awake because they show how fearful and angry I still feel, but Sedona is doing an awesome job of bringing these things up for my awareness so I can handle business. When you are fully awake, it’s rare to feel negative emotions. Why? Because you are mostly at peace.

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Happy Memorial Day

I just wanted to keep this simple by thanking all American military men and women who had put their lives on the line to protect the freedom of America. As much as I respect and send love to all countries, America is my home country and I deeply, DEEPLY appreciate what others have had to sacrifice in order for me to enjoy being an American in the land of the free. So for my fellow Americans, let’s not forget: The land of the free is because of the brave. Happy Memorial Day!