All About Spirituality, the Way I Understand It

There’s so much hype around the word “spirituality”.

What really makes a person spiritual?

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A Little Something For My Mom

Any time I’m in Sedona, Arizona, I try to swing by the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

I’m not Catholic but my mom was. She tried to get me and both of my sisters to go to church all the time with her when we were younger but never forced us.

We were all baptized as Catholics but out of the three of us, I was the only one who never received Confirmation and Holy Communion. So yeah, I wasn’t allowed to eat the bread and drink the grape juice.

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Why Choose One Destination…

When you can choose from many at any given point?

I originally wanted to go straight to the Four Corners, but as I started driving, I realized that trying to get to that one destination is just crap. I did that twice last year; once to Duluth, Minnesota and the other to Abbotsford, British Columbia. What sucked is that I don’t remember much of the drive, even though I spent a good amount of time driving. I was so focused on my destination that I didn’t consider anything else along the way.

This morning as I went to grab a cup of coffee and a muffin, I thought, what the hell, just stay in the present moment, keep an open mind and enjoy the journey.

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