Did I Predict or Cause the Recent Earthquake in SoCal?

I made a post last night about the bizarre string of events that I have recently been manifesting into my life based on previous posts I’ve published.

Well this morning, an earthquake hit SoCal and literally shook me up from sleep. Not too long ago, I wrote about the possibility of SoCal getting hit with a major earthquake at the beginning of February. It’s not February quite yet nor was the earthquake major but pretty damn close and so was the center of the earthquake last night. I live in Lake Elsinore.

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Wow, What Are The Chances?

I am in shock right now.

I was lounging in my room reading some blogs and decided to come out to my living room to watch a little bit of tv and eat some pizza. I usually don’t watch much tv but decided to turn it on and the news comes on. The first thing I see shocks the shit out of me.

So a couple of days ago, I made a post on how I had a malfunctioning parachute and that they happen, not very often but they do and I was able to perform my emergency procedures in order to land my reserve parachute safely. Well I see on the news that there was a fatality today at my home drop zone in Perris, California.

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Will SoCal Get Hit With A Major Earthquake Soon?

I don’t really like to watch the news because I feel that no news is good news but for some reason I felt the need to watch today.

We finally received the rain that never graced it’s presence in November and December of 2017. The endless summer I thought SoCal was going to have came to an end yesterday. It was nice to finally get rain, but when it does rain in SoCal, it literally pours.

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