Everyone is Extraordinary

Yes, everyone is extraordinary. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes it nor do they search for what it is that makes them extraordinary.

There’s this whole concept that if everyone is extraordinary then extraordinary would lose it’s meaning and, therefore, not exist. I understand the contrasting points in that concept but that general statement is bullshit.

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We All Have To Start Somewhere

I started this blog, while I was drunk, a couple of months ago without any indication of its future.

All I really wanted was to get my ideas out there, but I slipped. I published maybe 2 posts in November. I had no idea what I was doing. I had no followers, no views and no likes.

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Let Obstacles Be Your Fuel in Life

My life appears to be crashing down all around me, but I’ve learned to stand my ground.

I have a shit ton of bills due starting tomorrow and rent due in 4 days. No boo-hooing here though. SoCal living is expensive. $1280 a month for a one bedroom apartment not including utilities. Ridiculous right? But SoCal is my home and I chose to live here. My bank account is close to negative but I refuse to touch any of my stock investments because I feel it’s unnecessary, unless I’m actually starving. But honestly, I just need to work harder.

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