Sunshine Blogger Award

Thanks, Len from Len’s Diary for the nomination!

I’m not very good at correctly responding to these blogger awards much like my past post because I feel everyone deserves a blogging award just for keeping the blogging world alive. But I do very much appreciate the acknowledgement of my blog and I do like to answer questions. So Len, I will answer yours.

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I Love Trees, I Hate People, But I Want To Help Both

Trees are just like people, they are made of the same energy source, they live a certain amount of time, and then they “die”.

However, trees are awesome and people suck.

Trees never ask for anything, yet they provide people with so much. They provide shade, a place to sit under when you need to ground yourself and be away from people, beauty, habitat for wildlife, oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide, and so many more awesome things. They also provide us warmth with firewood and a place to write down our creative ideas.

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Why Do People Steal?

The reason why people think it’s OK to steal from others is beyond me. I never understood the logic behind it. To me, it’s NEVER OK. It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be stealing material possessions or stealing ideas, it’s the same damn thing because it doesn’t belong to you. And if it doesn’t belong to you, don’t take it! Simple.

What makes it so damn hard for people to acquire and earn things on their own? People are getting super lazy these days.

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Mt. Shasta, My Second Energy Home

Mt. Shasta is definitely one magical mountain.

I decided to randomly travel almost 5 hours north in my Jeep just to see if this mountain really did have the energetic magical powers that I read about. And from what I experienced, it did!

My expectations of Mt. Shasta were neutral but deep down I was hoping to feel the energy like I did when I traveled to my first energy home, Sedona, Arizona, for the first time. I was feeling very, VERY low vibrationally and wanted to be somewhere that would restore my energy and bring back that high vibration like Sedona did.

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Do You Consider Yourself a Compassionate Person?

An 88 year old man opened the door for me yesterday.

I wasn’t even that close to the door but he saw me coming and wanted to wait for me. I thought, “Wow, an elderly man who walks around with a cane wanted to open the door for me and wait?” Most men around my age (I’m 36) don’t even do that!

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