Why Am I Single?

Because I do what I want! Ha!

I get asked this question a lot, both in person and on my blog. And the answer, for the most part, is deep connection.

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Energy and Breakups

Breakups hurt. Breakups suck. But you know what, we learn a great deal from them.

We evolve.

I’ve been through many breakups in my life. Not only were these breakups romantic breakups, but they involved jobs, family, friends, living situations, the ego, etc. Without them, I wouldn’t have become the Jen I am today.

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Manifesting An Ex Back Into Your Life

…is not recommended.

An ex of mine from years ago attempted to contact me the other night. I don’t check social media anymore and he didn’t know my number so he went through my younger sister on Facebook to get ahold of me.

At first, I was concerned because my younger sister said he sounded like it was really urgent and gave her his number. But when I contacted him, it wasn’t urgent whatsoever and let’s just say I stopped responding to him.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

As an optimist, I think it’s a great day for people to get into the loving spirit. However, I think this day sends out the wrong message.

Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday because it doesn’t correlate with the history behind it except maybe the color red. But even though it’s a Hallmark holiday, I do enjoy looking at the pretty colors and all the creativity presented in flower arrangements and gifts.

So why do I say this day sends out the wrong message? I feel most people are seeking and expecting love in the wrong way. It doesn’t surprise me that most people who dislike or are saddened by this holiday are those who are single.

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My Perfect, Quintessential Man


He is inscrutable. He is Hoot fromĀ Black Hawk Down.

“You know what I think? Don’t really matter what I think.”

“When I go home, people ask me, “Hey Hoot, why do you do it, man? Why? You some kind of war junkie?” I won’t say a goddamn word. Why? They won’t understand why we do it. They won’t understand it’s about the men next to you… and that’s it. That’s all it is.”


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