What Life’s Like As A Newfound Healer

It’s interesting to say the least and I’m still adapting to the changes.

I never thought of myself as a healer of any kind because I was actually told by many people, throughout my life, that I had bad vibes and was bad luck. It hurt of course and I never knew or understood why because I’ve always thought of myself as a good person.

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Sedona, My First Energy Home

I cannot explain in full detail how this place makes me feel.

The moment I arrived in Sedona, Arizona, the first thought that came up was “home”. I finally felt at home.

Maybe it was the amazing formation of the red rocks everywhere, the massive amounts of Jeep Wranglers strolling by, or the nostalgic feeling I had about Cosmo Canyon from Final Fantasy VII that made me feel like I was home. Maybe it was all of it because they all had a very huge impact on me and to this day, it still does. Anytime I hear about Sedona, I get excited.

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What A Spiritual Awakening Feels Like

It feels like going through spiritual puberty.

But what does spiritual puberty feel like? I’ll elaborate on both.

As of right now, I am not fully awake, I’m still going through the spiritual puberty process as my consciousness is changing through mind expansion. My last two posts verify that I am still not fully awake because they show how fearful and angry I still feel, but Sedona is doing an awesome job of bringing these things up for my awareness so I can handle business. When you are fully awake, it’s rare to feel negative emotions. Why? Because you are mostly at peace.

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The Struggles of the Twin Flame Journey

When you meet your twin flame, get ready to experience yourself in ways you never knew existed.

But before I explain the struggles of the twin flame journey, based on my personal experience, I figure I should elaborate a few simple things about spirituality in regards to this “phenomenon” and share some insights about this connection.

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