Understanding My Self Worth: Job Edition

There have been things that have happened to me to where people would wonder why I didn’t have the urge to throw myself off a cliff with no parachute.

Let me tell you, I’ve thought about it many times but because I’ve always embraced Stoicism and Buddhism, I didn’t. And I’m a much stronger person because of them.

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Why Do People Settle For Less Than They Deserve?

Because the strategy behind taking a leap of faith is unknown.

Today I had what most would call a challenging day. I call these days “opportunity days” because every challenge I come across is an opportunity to become more resilient. Sometimes it’s hard to think of it that way because there are so many challenges being thrown at you in every direction. It feels like no matter what you do, you just keep getting knocked on your ass over and over again. Of course, I like to practice what I preach by taking action towards getting into the habit of feeling good and dealing with the other shit later, but wow, sometimes it really is hard. However, it can be done and it should.

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