Appreciating Social Media Apps For What They Are

For the last couple of years, I removed myself from social media. I solely blamed social media apps on the corruption of people. However, I was wrong.

Social media apps were designed to be tools used for communication, entertainment and business, not for destroying our self worth and well being. To use the tools of social media in a destructive way is like taking a hammer and hammering down our own hand, instead of hammering down the nails that are required to build something awesome.

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Is Social Media the Real Terminator?

The other day I was binge watching the Terminator series that started in 1984. And wow, in regards to technology, we really have come a long way, which is super cool yet scary.

As I was watching¬†Terminator 2: Judgement Day (T2),¬†I started to think about whether or not large physical forms of artificial intelligence will really try to wipe out the human race within the next decade. Then I thought, “No, this is actually happening right now, except no one is chasing us.”

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