Stoicism: How to Handle Bad Days Like A Boss

Bad days suck.

We all have them and will continue to have them. Some days are more intense than others. However, if we are prepared, we can handle “bad days” like a boss.

Bad days are days where we perceive, not experience, many things go “wrong”. They have the ability to trigger us in many ways to the point of causing us to completely lose our shit, multiple times, throughout the day.

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Stoicism is Needed in Modern Society

If there’s anything that will make people become mentally tough, it’s Stoicism.

I generally care about the well being of people and want to inspire them to live a great life but sometimes things need to be said in its most original form without wearing a mask and beating behind the bush.

There are things that can come off as harsh but I feel that the people who are willing to keep an open mind and understand what needs to be heard, despite of the severity of it, will benefit greatly. And to you, I tip my hat.

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