A Wink From the Cosmos

Yesterday, I randomly decided to take a break from my drive along the Pacific coast in a city called Depoe Bay, Oregon.

I sat in my Jeep for a good 30 minutes to take in the incredible view of the ocean and to catch up on my journaling because I haven’t done so since I was in Canada a couple of days ago. As I finished journaling, I decided to grab some food at one of the places located behind where I parked. I saw a sign for clam chowder located on one of the restaurants but for some reason I didn’t feel it was a good idea to go there but I did want chowder. I looked a little to my right and saw a place that looked really good and definitely caught my attention – Gracie’s Sea Hag. Ha! I went into Gracie’s and had myself a bread bowl full of awesome clam chowder.

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What Just Happened?

Contradictions and synchronicities have been playing host in my life recently. If you knew all the random crap I’ve gone through lately, you would wonder what the heck was going on. I came home from the gym today and just let out all my frustration and anger. I was so angry, I scared my cat and she pooped on the floor. Poor thing.

So where did all this come from? Let me explain.

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Wow, What Are The Chances?

I am in shock right now.

I was lounging in my room reading some blogs and decided to come out to my living room to watch a little bit of tv and eat some pizza. I usually don’t watch much tv but decided to turn it on and the news comes on. The first thing I see shocks the shit out of me.

So a couple of days ago, I made a post on how I had a malfunctioning parachute and that they happen, not very often but they do and I was able to perform my emergency procedures in order to land my reserve parachute safely. Well I see on the news that there was a fatality today at my home drop zone in Perris, California.

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