Reading Tarot Cards

I’ve always had an interest in tarot cards since I was a teenager. I bought a tarot deck about 2 months ago and love it. It’s the Rider-Waite Radiant Tarot Deck with the handy book.  I use it every morning and sometimes throughout the day in order to see what I may be dealing with in the future, whether it’s tonight, tomorrow or at the end of the year. It’s fun. Seriously.

There’s a lot that goes into reading tarot cards. But like anything else in life, you just learn as you go. I really didn’t understand much about them a month ago. I just knew they were cards that have pictures on them and tell a story about your life when you lay them out. I felt that my imagination sucked but I kept practicing anyways. I tried out different spreads but found some that I resonated with and stuck with it. I use a 3-3-3 method as I feel 3 really is the magic number and it’s simple. I’ll explain that later.

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What Just Happened?

Contradictions and synchronicities have been playing host in my life recently. If you knew all the random crap I’ve gone through lately, you would wonder what the heck was going on. I came home from the gym today and just let out all my frustration and anger. I was so angry, I scared my cat and she pooped on the floor. Poor thing.

So where did all this come from? Let me explain.

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