Why I Haven’t Been Blogging Much

I know I said that I was going to start going gung ho with the blog posts around mid April and that I was excited about it. Well, that never happened. And for that, I apologize to anyone who was looking forward to my parade of blog posts last month.

This spiritual awakening is kicking my ass again like it did last September-December. I thought the “dark night of the soul” phase was over but nope, it came back for round 2. However, this time, I feel it’s my twin flame’s phase because I already went through it, it doesn’t even feel like it belongs to me and it’s nothing like I experienced the first time, not even close. However, I have to experience it too since we pretty much consummated the connection the moment we met in person. Sounds coo-coo but I won’t deny, mock or roll my eyes about any of this like I would have a year ago.

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The Struggles of the Twin Flame Journey

When you meet your twin flame, get ready to experience yourself in ways you never knew existed.

But before I explain the struggles of the twin flame journey, based on my personal experience, I figure I should elaborate a few simple things about spirituality in regards to this “phenomenon” and share some insights about this connection.

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