A Little Something For My Mom

Any time I’m in Sedona, Arizona, I try to swing by the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

I’m not Catholic but my mom was. She tried to get me and both of my sisters to go to church all the time with her when we were younger but never forced us.

We were all baptized as Catholics but out of the three of us, I was the only one who never received Confirmation and Holy Communion. So yeah, I wasn’t allowed to eat the bread and drink the grape juice.

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7 Books That Heavily Influenced My Life

I love reading. I also have a very, VERY short attention span. Books of ridiculous length need to be really interesting in order to keep me from putting them down and never picking them back up. I give them 1-2 chapters, then I’ll browse around other chapters and if I find myself getting bored, bye.

These books were the ones that kept my attention throughout. Well done, authors!

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